Photo Gallery: Janine Morton Artwork

Janine Morton is a born and raised Nashville native. She attended the University of North Texas earning a BFA in Photography. Janine furthered her work experience in the art industry as a graphic designer working for a Dallas company Dreamhaus Media. Majority of Janine's graphic artistry was actually self taught. After many years of working as a freelance artist she was picked up by Get Noticed! LLC. After 3 years and earning the title of "Art Director" Janine created her own made-to-order business and decided to start a family.

Janine creates complex digital collages from vintage magazines and her own photography. Each piece employs 30 to 60 images that she alters, cuts and layers to create wild and exciting compositions, "wonders" of the imagination. They are meant to be enjoyed in any setting, residential or commercial spaces, and have a durability and price point you can't find elsewhere for creative, original artworks.

Janine Morton created original pieces which are currently being displayed at Collins Legal. Check out our photo gallery to see these inspiring pieces!

If you are interested in ordering your own custom piece check out her website or contact her at 615.308.0164!