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When newscasts need expert legal analysis, they’re turning to Grover Collins. Collins has offered his expertise on high-profile national cases as well as local proceedings. Collins is also the go-to attorney in difficult criminal proceedings, as he has been hired in a number of highly publicized cases in the Nashville area.

Buyer Beware: Civil Lawsuit

Drones in Murfreesboro

Grover was asked to comment on the crimes related to drones in Tennessee. You can read the story here.

Prescription Drug DUIs

Collins provided legal analysis on Fox 17 in Nashville on the perils of prescription drugs in DUI cases in Tennessee.

George Zimmerman trial

July 2013

Collins provided legal analysis on multiple occasions for Fox 17 News in Nashville during the George Zimmerman trial in Florida.

July 14: Collins broke down the Zimmerman verdict, including questions that have been raised on Florida’s Stand Your Ground law.

If Zimmerman was on the ground and Mr. Martin was on top of him, there’s no way he could have made reasonable efforts to escape if he did indeed fear that there was an imminent threat of serious bodily injury or death. Then that’s when he would have been able to invoke the Stand Your Ground which is exactly what happened, it appears.

As far as the Department of Justice going forward for criminal action, they’ll have to prove that it was because Mr. Zimmerman acted an act of aggression solely because of the race of Mr. Martin which is– we don’t know any indication of that. Of course a lot of people would assume that. But I don’t know that the facts are there to prove that.

There’s a lot of different segments of society that are represented in this case and I think that’s why this case has gotten so much national attention. Because it’s not just the racial issue. It’s all the other issues that are tied into this case. And in the Stand Your Ground and the right to bear arms and the second amendment rights and then that’s glossed over the top with all the racial undertones. That’s why this case is so polarizing … because it invokes so many emotions from so many different people.

July 13: A tweet from @TheCollinsFirm is cited in a story regarding a request filed by the jury prior to delivering the not guilty verdict.

The jurors in the Zimmerman trial have asked for clarification on the instructions for manslaughter. As attorney Grover Collins pointed out via Twitter, it is, “The killing of a human being by act, or culpable negligence of another, without lawful justification i.e. reckless conduct.”

July 12: Collins appeared on Fox 17 News at 9 p.m., offering his legal analysis on the trial’s proceedings, including the jury’s request of an index of all evidence from the judge and the closing arguments from both sides.

DUI Checkpoint Viral Video

July 2013

Collins provided his analysis for Fox 17 News in Nashville on a YouTube video recorded in Murfreesboro during a 4th of July DUI checkpoint that reached more than 4 million views. He appeared on the station’s 9 p.m. newscast and participated in a live chat on the station’s Facebook page.

July 12: …Nashville attorney Grover Collins watched the edited YouTube video uploaded by the motorist and the 40 minute unedited THP video. When the driver refused to completely roll down his window and answer questions, he may have raised what police call “reasonable suspicion”. When the driver won’t agree to a vehicle search, a K9 is brought over. Deputies say the dog hit on marijuana residue in the vehicle, something the driver denies.

Collins says the only real questions up for debate are: Did the officer have probable cause to detain the driver, and did the drug dog actually make a positive hit? Both are matters that would likely have to be settled in court, rather than the side of the road. Attorney Grover Collins says while both the driver and the deputy escalated the situation, he doesn’t believe any laws or rights were violated.

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